We've all enjoyed drooling over pictures of the U.S. men's swim team over the past few days, but if you care about the man behind the body, you must watch this clip of Ryan Lochte, which aired before his backstroke heat this morning. Some commenters have suggested that Lochte may be a more worthy lust object than Michael Phelps, and while there's no doubt that Ryan Lochte is both talented and beautiful, evidence has emerged which may influence your pick for favorite water boy. Can you still love a man who sports a diamond-studded grill? A guy who thinks he's "different" because he liked to throw rocks while all the other kids were playing tag? A man who considers himself an artist because he draws doodles of "rain going up" and fish that turn into comets? Be warned: these are the quandaries one must consider upon entering "The World According to Lochte."