The Woman Who Accused Greg Kelly of Rape Continued to Text With Him After the Alleged Attack

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Over the weekend, new details have come out about the interactions between news anchor Greg Kelly and the woman who accused him of rape last week—and the plot has certainly thickened. First, it's becoming more clear what happened the night of the alleged assault. It was initially reported that Kelly, who co-hosts Fox 5's Good Day New York, had met the woman the same night she claims the attack happened, but, in fact, they met two days prior when she recognized him from TV on the street. What followed were two days of sexually explicit text messages. An unnamed source described the interaction to the New York Post as "two days of foreplay."


After sexting, they met for drinks at a downtown bar, where they rang up a tab that Greg's father, NYC police commissioner Ray Kelly, privately called "laughably low," which could be used to refute her claims that she was so drunk she was incapacitated when Kelly had sex with her. From the bar, they proceeded to her office at the law firm where she works as a paralegal. The sex reportedly took place in her boss's office.

After the two parted company, they are said to have exchanged further texts in which the woman did not sound at all upset about their interaction—in fact, they talked about arranging another date. A source suggests to the Post, that the only reason the accuser ever reported anything to police (which she did three months after the assault allegedly took place) was because her boyfriend became aware that she'd cheated on him and became upset: "Everybody [the woman and Kelly] was a happy camper until the boyfriend found out."

Also, oddly, this case's connections to the police department continue to grow, it turns out the alleged victim's brother is a sergeant assigned to the NYPD's crime-scene unit. Meanwhile, the DA's office continues to conduct a careful investigation, though a source said they do not view her claims as credible, "It looks like they're going to just kick it around until it's absolutely dead . . . It's ‘he said, she said.'" We'll have to wait and see the end result, but as of today the investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed. There's also no word on whether Greg Kelly intends to appear on-air tomorrow. He's been out of public sight since the news of the accusation became public on Thursday.

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Jenna Sauers

The New York Post and Fox 5, the station that employs Greg Kelly, are both owned by the same parent company. (Which is just one of many apparent conflicts of interest in this investigation.) Here, everyone who just read the New York Post's reporting on Greg Kelly: have a grain of salt.