The Wendy Williams Show: Embarrassing Production Notes

Today, Wendy and her producer had a public difference of opinion regarding the allegations in Andrew Morton's Angelina Jolie biography that claim that at 16, the actress had a sexual relationship with her mother's boyfriend.

Wendy was firmly on Team Marcheline, and derided Angelina for being a conniving teen harlot who is trying to make up for it now by acting like "Mother Teresa" and adopting a lot of kids. Wendy's producer held up a sign that read "boyfriend wrong abuse," to remind Wendy that Angelina was underage at the time of the affair. Wendy reminded him that teenage girls aren't stupid. And then she said she was happy to present both sides of the argument, in the style of "Judge Judy."


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Erin Gloria Ryan

Wendy Williams is that annoying friend that seems so "fun" until you go out to drinks with her and she ends up starting a brawl by shouting "WHORE!" at a music legend's wife at House of Blues. #wendywilliamsjudgejudy