The Week That Was: Radical Honesty Edition

Why am I writing this? Because I planned to and I'm sick of forgetting about features I intend to do or revisit and just don't. Why is it not going to be very thorough? Because it's Friday, and even though I have no life of which to speak, you people actually seem to, if the site meters that we maniacally consult for your approval around here serve as any guide. Also I like to drink, though I had 10 milligrams of Ritalin along 5 mg of Adderall today because Anna is at a wedding and I wanted to be at the "top of my game", so to speak, even though I utterly failed in that effort, though not without the aid of a melted coffee maker and some pesky server issues, and anyway.. Where was I? What is this? It's called radical honesty, and it's something they're touting in this month's Esquire which I read last weekend thereby don't really remember, but which I meant to crib somehow this week. This is my attempt to exercise "Radical Honesty" on the week's posts. They did it in Esquire and you know how we're always trying to be "one of the guys."

  • I was pretty surprised at the comments attesting to how many of you pee in the shower. The genesis of this post was my anecdotal observation that men's showers always seem to smell like piss, whereas girls' do not.

All my friends agreed that this was a quintessentially dude thing — the pissing, the not waiting till he got out of the shower, the thinking it doesn't smell when it so totally does — and so I have to wonder about you readers: is it just the plumbing is better out wherever you are reading? Or are you the types of girls who don't shave your armpits either? Because if you think that doesn't smell it, it does. Anyway, I love this post, though it's long-ish and I love Jennie for agreeing, after much hesitation, to actually pee all over her legs.

  • Also, commenters: I used Rock Hudson on Crap Email From A Dude, you see, because he died of AIDS. The email, meanwhile, concerns an HIV scare. Did you know the HIV virus is what causes AIDS? Sarcasm! BTW this feature was not my idea, but that of my friend Jessica.
  • Really good, funny, sharp post by Anna on Esquire and Marie Claire with one flaw: She quotes Tom Junod's much-maligned piece saying "She has a twisted double life because she wrested Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston," in a way that makes it look like Junod actually believes this, or is trying to get the reader to believe this, when in fact the exact opposite is true. The backlash against this piece was opportunistic and wrongheaded and it's annoying that it's not online (alright, maybe it is; if I were the online editor at Esquire I would have gotten that baby up by now) to speak for itself, but I am not Googling. Anyway, Tom Junod is often ridiculous but I was moved by his Angelina piece and I think people who say they weren't after actually reading it are either lying to themselves or um not experiencing PMS.
  • The post on the celebrity weight guesser who is also a public intellectual was Intern Maria's find, and the sort of thing I'd like to do more of. Intern Maria is a delight. She actually comes to my house. She picks out all the best stuff for Midweek Madness. Intern Cheryl also thought up the morning's best captions and does all the graphics.
  • Which brings us to the more, er, controversial intern-related topic of the week. Yes, I semi-regret it, but I regret it mostly for the reason I was able to post it in the first place: I come off sounding like a blowhard with a really high opinion of myself, which I felt was only fair when I was making DS sound so nakedly like.. himself. But no, fuck it, I don't regret it. It's choice material for the book that I hope he writes after maybe giving a little thought to the fact that the post was only "personal" to the extent that I know DS as a "person" and not as a "brand" or "vessel through which to view a cultural phenomenon" — which is, after all, the only point of being a self-promoter. Anyway, I wish him the best of luck. Also: I need a new intern! Ha! Really! Wait, did I say I didn't regret that post?
  • So sometimes I get long-winded! Are celebrity eating disorders even actually interesting? Probably not since the Ally McBeal days.
  • Anna found this hilarious study re porn and birth control.
  • When Anna first came up with the idea of having a handwriting analyst on retainer, I was all, "that's so cheesy!" But yesterday when Paris's dumb letter came out I was all, "I'm calling Sheila Kurtz!"

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