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The Way We Were: Retro Black Hairstyles

Illustration for article titled The Way We Were: Retro Black Hairstyles

Earlier this month, we decided to celebrate Black History Month (and the dearth of black models during Fashion Week) by asking for your best — and worst — black hairstyles. And the submissions uh, trickled in. Meaning we barely got any. Seriously, don't black women read this blog? Also, we specifically stated: "Women of all ethnicities are encouraged to send in pictures of any and all Bo Derek-inspired cornrows they got during that cruise to the Caribbean in the fourth grade." Anyhoo, the photos we did receive are awesome. And we supplemented them with some great old ads from Essence and Ebony! As for March's Past Fashion category, we want your hideous/funny/over the top Easter outfits, so start ripping apart your old albums and send submissions to (Easter is in March this year.) Meanwhile: Ribbons, beads, Afro-puffs, cornrows and side ponytails, in a gallery after the jump.


(Click on any image to begin gallery view — and read accompanying, self-descriptive and explanatory captions!)


Hey! If you missed the deadline and have a pic you want added to this batch, send it to and we can add it to the gallery. Be sure to write "Black Hairstyle" in the subject of the email. (And Easter shots for the March installment should have "Easter" in the subject line.)

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

The snarker in me wants to say that the request didn't specifically request submissions from those of us who would be included under the one-drop rule. :D

Also? I read the original post so fast that I thought all readers were supposed to send in hair pictures from their days as callow youth (yes, I know it was/has been BHM; I don't know what was going on in my brain), and I can't imagine from the set of Jezzies here who are so delicately self-conscious as women (body image posts, anybody?) anyone that would have been bold enough to be game.