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[Mogadishu, November 15. Image via Getty]

Internally displaced women line up to receive therapeutic food for their children at a food distribution centre run by an organization called CAACID, funded by the UN agencies and European Union, in Mogadishu, Somalia, on November 15, 2009. The agency CAACID says that it's currently feeding 74,000 adults and 5,033 children under the age of 5 in its 24 centres which are open 6 days a week across the capital Mogadishu. The agency also said that it will be running out of food due to the shortage of food aid from World Food Program (WFP) which is currently facing tough times after the United States halted its funding for Somalia following allegations of mismanagement of food aid in the Somalia. In a statement today from a spokesman of islamist hardliners Al-Shabab, Sheikh Cali Maxamuud Raage urged the Somali community not to rely on food aid as it discourages farmers from growing food and makes the Somali community dependent on aid Photo. AFP PHOTO / MOHAMED DAHIR (Photo credit should read MOHAMED DAHIR/AFP/Getty Images)


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Ugh. This makes me so mad. Farm? In a country that is rapidly turning into a massive desert or where the vast majority of recipients of food aid live in cities? Fail. Fail. Fail crazy hardliners.

Also, this is what pisses me off about the Gawker love of pirates. It's not just cruise ships and petrol liners being hijacked. It's food and medicine, too. #caacid