The Virtual Wife, a new Japanese cell phone service, ensures that busy Japanese businessmen eat nutritiously even when their wife isn't there to remind them. The free service from Metabo-info sends four text messages a day to subscribers, encouraging them to watch their calorie intakes and avoid unhealthy foods. Men can choose from four wives, a professional woman, a "kind, pretty" housewife, a young "sporty" trendsetter, and a maid. No "virtual husbands" are available. [Inventor Spot]


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Erin Gloria Ryan

Since I left high school, I have been left without a nemesis. I'd like to get snarky, misspelled texts making fun of how smart I am or how I spend too much money on clothes so that I can read them and remember how much my former high school nemesis's life sucks now.

Japan, how about it? Virtual High School Nemesis Whose Life Now Sucks?