While the cast of Jersey Shore was in Italy last season, The Situation revealed that Snooki had hooked up in recent months, while she was with her boyfriend Jionni. According to Sitch, Snooki's friend Ryder and his friend Unit were getting it on in a hotel room in front of them and Snooki, so overcome with horniness, just had to give Sitch a blow job right then and there. Initially, it seemed like a bullshit machination on the part of The Situation, but after seeing the way that Snooki reacted to Ryder, Unit and Jionni all being in the same room on last night's premiere, even Ronnie—who isn't exactly the brightest bulb in the tanning bed—could pick up on the fact that she was guilty.

On a side note, I'd be so bummed if I were Ryder's parents watching this show. It's bad enough that they have to hear the way that the cast members are talking about what a big whore she is, but it's so much worse to see her taste in guys. Wouldn't you be terribly disappointed in your daughter to learn that she had sex with a man who calls himself The Unit?