The View will say goodbye to Barbara Walters on May 16 and that night, Walters will receive a two-hour bon voyage in the form of an ABC special "highlighting her life and career." Per ABC News, this will be her final "scheduled" television appearance and ABC will rename their New York headquarters after Walters. Other potential future appearances will be dependent on what the news is, which way the wind blows, how bored she gets during her semi-retirement, etc.

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Global Beet

I know this opinion will be incredibly unpopular but here goes. Barbara Walters is the physical manifestation of the vapid side of Journalism. This is a person who, when interviewing a despot currently in the act of slaughtering his own people, asked hard hitting questions about facebook usage. Her making a career out of a pathological obsession with the banal is one of the reason why so many people think lowly of hard working journalists. The fact that young women wanting to break in my profession are told to look up to Walters as inspiration is, in my opinion, one of the great journalistic tragedies, as great as Luke Russert almost becoming a household name.

I hate the fact that I'm criticizing an obviously successful woman, but you know what, I just can't get over the feeling that we should celebrate women who truly exemplify the profession of information. Christian Amanpour, Rachel Maddow, Margaret Sullivan, Jill Abramson etc. Barbara Walters just is not it.