The View Takes Blagojevich Cue, Heads For New Low

Thought you'd heard enough uninsightful commentary on "Senator" Roland Burris from Congressman Bobby Rush? The women of The View aren't about to let you! Watch as they mangle pronunciations, facts and constitutional law.

Roland Burris, Blagojevich Hold Nuttiest Press Conference Of 2008 [Huffington Post]


A special thanks to Gawker intern Stacey Fitzgerald, who did a yeomans work editing this into something slight more comprehensible than the actual show was.



these women embarass themselves more and more with each show. at least elizabeth wasn't there to further add to the nonsense.

am from chicago, embarrassed by this man. he lives a couple miles from me, see him jog past my house ALL the time. the hair never moves. never. ever.