The View: Elisabeth Concedes, Sherri Cries

It's been a long election season for the women on The View, who have clashed time and again over politics. What did hardcore McCainiac Hasselbeck have to say about the election results? She was uncharacteristically gracious and respectful of Barack Obama. But it was Sherri Shepherd who brought the house down with her emotional, heartfelt response about how happy she is that she can tell her son that he has no limitations. Clip above.


This will probably get a worstie, but Barack Obama is not like you and me, he is not like Joe the Plumber, he is a ridiculously hard working, disciplined, intelligent, moral person with shitloads of integrity. There may be no limitations due to race anymore, but there are plenty of ways people can self-limit. Obama is a really, really special man. I think he is the best of us.