The View Could Very Likely Hire a Politically-Minded Woman of Color

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If you’ve been watching The View lately, you’ve seen a lot of new faces. Eventually, one of those faces will be permanent (for awhile, anyway). And what the producers are looking for appears to actually be what it’s been rumored they’re looking for: a woman of color who may or may not be a conservative but is politically involved.


BuzzFeed’s Dorsey Shaw spoke to someone who watched some test segments of the show and saw the following people join The View’s table. (His list also matches one reported by ET.) The list is notable for a few reasons: a number of the woman on it are either black or hispanic, several of them are republicans and most of them have a background in cable news or sports television. This talent pool matches up with Wednesday’s report that View executive producer and co-creator Bill Geddes is being replaced with another Bill: Bill Wolff, the EP of The Rachel Maddow Show.

S.E. Cupp

A conservative, Cupp currently co-hosts CNN’s Crossfire, but she’s also a columnist for the New York Daily News and a contributor to The Blaze. Here is a photo of her with one of the Duck Dynasty folks.

Jemele Hill

Hill co-hosts ESPN’s Numbers Never Lie. She’s into funny Vines, or at least, according to her Twitter feed she is.

Stephanie Ruhle

Ruhle is the anchor and managing editor of Bloomberg TV. She’s got a strong background in finance.


October Gonzalez

Gonzalez’s Twitter bio is “Mommy, Wife, Sister, blogger, and lover of life.” The husband in question is former NFL player Tony Gonzalez and she did a nude photo shoot with him for PETA once.

Sunny Hostin

Hostin’s a lawyer and a contributor to CNN, though she’s been on Fox News before as well.


Ana Navarro

Navarro’s a conservative who formerly worked on John McCain’s campaign. She’s now a CNN contributor.


Lauren Sanchez

Sanchez is the host of Good Day LA. Weirdly enough, Sanchez has a daughter with October Gonzalez’s current husband, Tony Gonzalez.


Sage Steele

Steele hosts ESPN’s NBA Countdown and was formerly a co-host of Sportscenter.


Nicolle Wallace

Wallace was the head of communications during the George W. Bush presidency and advised on the McCain-Palin campaign. She really likes tweeting about her dog.


Images via ABC and Sunny Hostin/Jemele Hill/Instagram