The Video for 'Girl In A Country Song' Puts the Dudes in Short-Shorts

Quickly capitalizing off the success of "Girl In A Country Song", country duo newcomers Maddie & Tae have released the video for their "groundbreaking" new pop song. As they promised, the video is a play on the country music videos their song lambasts: Maddie & Tae have switched things up and put some dudes in "painted-on cut-off jeans."


In the video, Maddie & Tae are seen making a list of the clichés they've seen in music videos, which is the origin story they've told for how the song was written. Things start out pretty quote-unquote normally – there's a bunch of girls hanging out in bikini tops – but then there's literally a magic moment when they flip a switch on a ROLE REVERSAL box and the dudes strip down. Can you buy this at department stores nationwide?



I get the point they're making here, but it cracks me up that they still have girls in short-shorts and bikini tops in their video. As if we wouldn't understand the reference if it was just the guys.