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The Victoria's Secret Bridal Line, For Better Or Worse

Victoria's Secret's "Sexy Little Bride" line is confusing: is it bridal lingerie, or some kind of kinky bride costume? Or both? The copy doesn't help: "I do Sexy! Who will you be tonight? Sexy little fantasies: There's one for every sexy you." All we know is, the juxtaposition of the veil and the lingerie is kind of creepy, and the French maid outfit is deeply confusing. Oh, and "Sexy Little Bride" has an alarmingly juvenile ring to it, like some Lois Lenski book gone horribly, horribly wrong.


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Nooooo! I have never, ever, ever thought of Lois Lenski and sexy anything simultaneously until now. I still can't get my head around the concept. Porno pix in Lenski's weird slit-eyed drawing style? Can't imagine them. Explanations of how people have sex in different regions of the country? Nope, can't imagine it. Yet I can't unread your last sentence.