The unparalleled Barbara Ehrenreich on a "sorry bunch of wusses," the Disney Princesses: "In faithful imitation, the 3-year-old in my life flounces around with her tiara askew and her Princess gown sliding off her shoulder, looking for all the world like a London socialite after a hard night of cocaine and booze. Then she demands a poison apple and falls to the floor in a beautiful swoon. Pass the Rohypnol-laced margarita, please." [The Nation]

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Here's a princess story to brighten your days. Once again, this story stars my amazing mother and a young me. *a-hem*

There was a new, castle-like playground in my town. I was very excited to play in it and immediately ran to the tower. "Mom! Mom! You be the prince! I'm the princess! Save me!" "No Jamie," mom said. "Princesses don't wait to be rescued. Remember Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi? She rescued herself, didn't she? AND she rescued Han Solo. Be like Princess Leia."


And I'm sorry, but Belle rocks! She's intelligent, uninterested in men and romance until she actually finds someone she LOVES for who they are and not what they look like. She is unselfish, patient, and her own person.

There's nothing inherently wrong with playing princess. It's the crazy, self-defeating, constantly entitled 'princess' attitude that's an issue.