The UN envoy to Myanmar, Ibrahim Gambari, read a statement from Aung San Suu Kyi that she is "ready to cooperate with the government in order to make this process of dialogue a success." This is the same person who won the Nobel Peace Prize for, um, not cooperating with the miltary junta; who chose to stay in the country to serve as a symbol for her supporters rather than tend to her dying husband; and who hasn't been allowed out of the house or made a single public statement since 2003. Until the press conference, which was held in Singapore and not attended by Suu Kyi, Gambari's trip was thought to have failed, but now he's been invited back by the junta, who is trumpeting Suu Kyi's statement in the government-run media. (Yes, I read too much political news. Yes, I might be a paranoid and mistrustful person). [Yahoo News]