The U.S. Embassy is accusing Vietnam of allowing adoption fraud to thrive, according to a new nine-page report. This document "describes brokers scouring villages for babies, hospitals selling infants whose mothers cannot pay their bills, and a grandmother giving away her grandchild — without telling the child's mother," the AP reports. (Ever since China tightened its adoption laws, there has been a sharp increase in foreign adoptions of Vietnamese babies.) Vietnamese officials deny the allegations, and many American adoption agencies say that they have had mainly good experiences with Vietnamese adoptions. "We are concerned about any unethical practices, but I would not agree that these cases are indicative of adoptions in Vietnam," Susan Cox of Holt International Children's Services told the AP. The U.S. banned Vietnamese adoptions from 2003 to 2006 because of this sort of corruption, and for now, the future of American/Vietnamese adoption is in limbo. [AP via MSNBC]