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The Twelve Days Of Buying Crap

Illustration for article titled The Twelve Days Of Buying Crap

Today marks Day One of our 12 Days Of Buying Crap: for the next 12 weekdays, we'll help you figure out what crap to give people. Sit tight; coming soon are ideas for crap you can give to your frenemies!


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I hate obligatory gift buying. Have been out of the country for two years so haven't had to do it and before that just made gifts for my family. Now I need to figure something out for them.

I have a coworker with two kids I really like (a six year old girl and a 9 year old boy). I would like to give them something small for their stockings and the girl's birthday is a few day's after Christmas so would like to give her a gift.

Except a) I don't know children at all and no idea what they like b) only casually know these kids - I just like them and their mom and c) I have almost no money.

If anyone has any ideas please share.