The Tragedy That Was The Project Runway Show

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The general consensus about Project Runway's half-assed Fashion Week show? Sad. Very, very sad.


Says New York, "Even with all the cutbacks and trimming down this week, it was hard to find a sorrier spectacle than...the Project Runway show." As every sentient being knows, Project Runway 6 has been bedeviled by lawsuits between the Weinstein Company and NBC Universal and as a result, went into production without a home. Just in case it does get filmed, the show went ahead and had a traditional Fashion Week finale runway show. Except that this time, since no one has, you know, seen the show or met the contestants, it was hard to build up much excitement. The producers made the designers keep a low profile in case of leaks, so they didn't get to so much as introduce their collections: a moment that's probably a career highlight for a lot of the show's contestants. Said Christian Siriano, according to New York, "Oh, it's horrible, it's the worst thing in the world. Because this is the end and it isn't as fun and exciting. I mean, who even knows if their families are here! And that's tough, because we got to have our friends and families."

And the collections? Apparently without any personalities or drama or suspense, it just looked like a bunch of somewhat lackluster fashions in the midst of real designers' shows (although attending celebs were encouraging about aspects), and elicited what WWD describes as "muted enthusiasm from the crowd. "

New York described the collections thusly:

The parade of clothes included two rocker-type collections heavy on black and knitwear, and one collection of the kind of jewel-tone, girlie, draped-silk charmeuse dresses young starlets wear to Target store openings. The final rocker-wear designer showed shades of Alexander Wang with lots of black mixed with intricate knits; the designer also seemed on point with the season, presenting a lot of textured tight pants and leggings.

According to the New York Times, Heidi Klum announced from the runway, "We are all in a bit of a limbo, and we hope that everything is sorted out very soon." Leanne and Jay, at least, were there. And Siriano, despite his sympathy for the faceless designers, saw a silver lining, according to WWD: now mediocre designers couldn't make it through on the basis of personality (cough, Wendy Pepper.) "Every year, there's always a weed or two that manages to make it through Project Runway." Tim Gunn, back in lovable pedagogue mode, was typically encouraging, according to the Times: "We have a smashing, sensational season for you. We can't wait for you to see it." Neither can we, Tim. Neither can we.

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Hana Maru

I like PR but I wish it were more about showcasing talent instead of stirring up stupid drama. They keep the nutballs with less talent and creativity around and they impose such insane time restrictions, along with the chronic sleep deprivation, that we don't get a sense of what anyone is capable of until the final show.

I rolled my eyes so hard when the judges complained that they all sent stapled together suits down the runway for the Tiki Barber menswear challenge.