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The Tragedy Of Althea Flynt

Last night IFC aired the documentary Larry Flynt: The Right to be Left Alone, which went into detail about the porn publisher's life, work, and crusade for free speech. The most gripping parts of the film focused on Flynt's wife Althea, whom he met when she was just 17. Althea had a really tragic life - her father shot her mother and grandparents when she was eight, then she and her four siblings were raised in orphanages until she ran away as a teenager - and perhaps an even more tragic death. Once a driven, articulate woman and editorial director of Hustler, she spiraled into drug addiction, was diagnosed with AIDS in 1983 (which Larry insists was caused by a drug transfusion after a hysterectomy), and, four years later, drowned in a bathtub after drug overdose. There were together for 16 years, Flynt's longest relationship, and he still calls her his soul mate. Clip above.

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@Advertising Guru: Oh that ad? I thought it was funny. Falwell's not your typical evangelist. This is a guy that was so blinded by faith that he was a total asshole. And the court can't determine it went too far without setting a very dangerous precedent.