The Town Bicycle

A Finnish artist named Mimosa Pale has created a giant vulva-shaped (and incredibly detailed) pedicab in protest of a world she thinks is too 'man-parts-centric.' Pale invites others to ride within the satiny folds of the vagina-cocoon and we imagine it probably makes for some great photo-ops from gawking tourists (click the pic to see the sorta NSFW pics). Emerging from the faux-vaginal cavity probably makes for quite the entrance outside your favorite bar or pulling up to a concert or event. (OMG—we really hope she brings this over to New York for Fashion Week!!!) But: Is it actually making people reconsider the phallocentrism in their daily lives? Or is it just meant to shock? Either way, least you'll have a fun story if you ever go to Finland. [Jalopnik & Salon]

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