Which Of These Identical 'Miss Teen USA' Finalists Used Racial Slurs On Twitter? Hint: the Winner

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Miss Teen USA may have had the wherewithal to swap out the swimsuit competition for the more age-appropriate “athletic wear” contest, but organizers have still not quite achieved the level of awareness I’ve come to expect from the forward-thinking Miss Universe brand.

Haha just kidding, this is not surprising at all.

Miss Texas Teen Karlie Hay was crowned the winner on Saturday night—you can identify her from the other contestants by her blonde hair and lovely sky blue eyes. If this isn’t a little slice of America then I don’t know what is!

Hay’s moment in the sun was somewhat sullied by the discovery that she has in the past used racial slurs on social media. From the Houston Chronicle:

The Houston Chronicle could not immediately confirm independently Hay herself posted numerous tweets including the N-word, however, many Twitter users screengrabbed past exchanges with the former Miss Teen Texas.


Hay posted a lengthy non-apology for her past offenses on Twitter:


Congratulations to all involved!

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