The Time Jennifer Hudson Pissed Off Oprah

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Back in February, Jennifer Hudson was slated to appear on Oprah's show. She showed up on Thursday to rehearse for Friday's show, and then, without telling anyone at Harpo, she flew to Texas to hang out with Jamie Foxx. Her plan was to fly back the next morning, and that might have turned out okay, but a huge blizzard was hitting Chicago. In the video at the link, Oprah looks pissed! [PopWrap]

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There's a chance Katie Couric might be launching a daytime talk show. And there's a chance she might do it on ABC. Which is where Barbara Walters helms The View. So a source claims that Barbara is "really worked up" and "worried that Katie is going to muscle in on her territory." Wimmens be threatened by other wimmens, y'all! Anyway. Babs says the story is ridiculous, and, when it comes to Katie, "I am her biggest booster, and I think she would be great if she wants to do her own show." [Gatecrasher]

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Lindsay Lohan made an appearance on The Tonight Show — which will air this evening — and received a standing ovation from the audience. [OMG!]
While talking with Jay Leno, Lindsay called her 120-day jail sentence "shocking." [Radar Online]
BTW, Lindsay wil probably do about 20% or her sentence. She might serve several hours and then be released. Also, she has a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card from a game of Monopoly and she's gonna see if that works. [Radar Online]
LOL headline: "Lindsay Lohan's Punishment: She'll See Dead People." [People]

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Jake Gyllenbald!!! [The WoW Report]

  • Can we all get together and make a "Leave Amy Poehler Alone!" Video? [CelebSlam]
  • Fucking Donald Trump dissed Robert De Niro? Fuck him. [Page Six]
  • Tracy Morgan is dating a cocktail waitress. [Page Six]
  • Johnny Depp will make a cameo in the 21 Jump Street movie starring Jonah Hill. [ComingSoon]
  • Aaron Sorkin is working on an HBO pilot, and Marisa Tomei may be the female lead. Olivia Munn is also in talks to join the project. [Deadline]
  • "Charlie Sheen Bails Out Lenny Dykstra." [TMZ]
  • Beer me! Ed Helms will host SNL on May 14. [Vulture]
  • New couple alert: Kendall Jenner and Corde Broadus, son of Snoop Dogg. [Janet Charlton's Hollywood]
  • Diddy, helicopter, police escort, blah blah blah, yawn. [Page Six]
  • Jim Carrey showed up at a bar wearing full scuba gear and handed out shark teeth. [Page Six]
  • Kristin Cavallari and NFL player Jay Cutlter are engaged. [People]
  • Warren G wants to help your penis work better. [TMZ]
  • Guess who this rant is referring to? "Worst driver ever. Almost hit me, then ran a stop sign. What if there was a kid around the corner, you dumb bitch. Horrible excuse for a human being. I wouldn't be as pissed if I weren't a mom… What an irresponsible person. What a lame existence." [People]
  • "He found out where I lived and would phone me. He would just sit in a pub across the road and watch — then tell people he was a friend of mine." — Nicole Kidman was stalked when she was a teenager. [London Evening Standard]
  • "I'm rich!" — Olivia Munn. [ONTD]



1. I'm mad that one of my favorite childhood shows is being whitewashed to 'attain a broader audience'. Obviously, these fools hadn't gotten the memo that the reason why the OG 21 Jump Street was successful (besides Johnny Depp's hotness) was because of its multicultural cast. Extra minuses for having this crap of a remake come out on my 31st birthday.

2. Ms. Shahi, you aren't telling us anything that we don't already know about Parasite Hilton.