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The Terrorists Win Again On

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Poor goldenshell84. She's marrying a man of mysterious "Middle Eastern descent" and her rich parents won't pay for the wedding, even though she lives in Manhattan and it's sooooo expensive. So naturally, she consults the good citizens on The Knot message boards. And they so totally understand her plight:

ootmother2:well, there are a good number of terrorists hiding in NYC. Does he drive a cab?


Funny you should mention terrorism, ootmom, because we're sort of starting to understand it!

The full predicament, from goldenshell84

hi everyone, i am seriously going to have the worst wedding ever and i'm really upset about everything that is happening. i have been living with my boyfriend for about a year now and we are planning to get engaged this summer and married next summer. unfortunately, my parents are threatening (and i really think they mean it) to cut me off/not support wedding/have no contact with me because they really do not like him (for a variety of reasons, mainly b/c he is middle eastern and 5.5 yrs older).


And then, Ootmother2's racist-but-not-racist-because-I'm-not-a-racist-but-I'm-on TheKnot-so-actually-I-am reply:

I live in manhattan. NYC weddings are VERY expensive. Aside from that, how old are you and how old is your FI? Maybe I can help here if I know more details

To which goldenshell84 could only say: finally someone who gets me!

oootmother: i am about to turn 24 and he is 29. i would be 25 before we got married. keep in mind my mom got married at 22! i think its more about the middle eastern thing than the age thing, to be honest. he is also muslim, and my mom continues to refer to him as a terrorist. i could not make this up! ....he was born and raised in the us and is not a practicing muslim; neither are his parents. he also does NOT drive a taxi! haha he has a great job in banking.


Sounds like a winner! Ootmother2 is officially no longer so compassionate!

golden, why don't you try the NEY (not yet engaged)board. The ladies there are super helpful and know how to handle this type of situation! j/k about the cab, hope you got the joke


A "joke"! Janice was not so amused!

Janice12543: "well, there are a good number of terrorists hiding in NYC. Does he drive a cab?" Wow what a racist remark. My fiance is half Egyptian, and I am proud of it. NOT EVERYONE THAT IS OF MIDDLE EASTERN DECENT IS A TERRORIST! I Can't believe you even said that.


SnoopyLuv: Janice, calm down, for real. My grandfather is Jordanian and recieved alot of harrasment after the attacks. Neither he nor my family members let it effect them in such a way. People say stupid things, get over it.

IrishBrideND: was said sarcastically.

zoebean45: Don't waste your time explaining things to Janice. Trust me on this.

Janice12543: Maybe it was a joke, but it isn't something to joke about.

ootmother2: Janice, get over yourself!

Janice12543: Wow what a reponse. BRAVO. You were wrong and now you have nothing to say but get over yourself.


megani: Janice, why dont you go eat something... like your hand. Then we don't have to read your crap anymore.

Janice12543: ott you area racist. Call me dumb all you want. I really don't give a fuckkkk. You are the worst kind of person there is.


At which point goldenshell84 defends her bitchy bridezillaren:

the other day at work i called myself a spaz and someone got really offended because apparently using the word spaz is rude toward epileptic people (?). bottom line, i'm sure you didn't mean that in a rude way, but i could see how a lot of people would get extremely offended by it. it's sad that there is this kind of prejudice about middle eastern people in our country that we are so quick to assume someone is saying something rude or being prejudicial.


But the last word is all ootmomma's

ootmother2: goldenshell is going to be very surprised to see that her post was hijacked.

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@j_dot: The guys who like normal girls are sitting around without girlfriends, wondering why the hell they're single, because they're nice, cute, funny guys. Apparently, we ladies love assholes. (I only comment on this because my most eligible guy friends are always the single ones!)