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The Terrorists Have Won: Hooters Invades The UK

Illustration for article titled The Terrorists Have Won: Hooters Invades The UK

Hooters, the "breastaurant" chain birthed in Florida, is currently spreading like a virus around the globe and has set its sights on Mother England. There is one Hooters in Great Britain — in Nottingham — but the company plans to have a whopping 36 locations in the UK by 2012. In today's Guardian, Julie Bindel (who visited the Nottingham establishment) writes, "The Hooters concept combines simplicity and misogyny, offering food of the finger-licking variety — burgers, wings, fries — and young waitresses wearing uniforms reminiscent of 1970s cheerleaders." She seems plainly horrified to have seen a "No fat chicks" sticker and child-size T-shirts for kids as young as three that read, "Life Begins at Hooters." Kirsty Bowen is one of a handful of people coordinating campaigns against branches opening in their towns. Bowen claims that a proposed restaurant in Sheffield would affect the neighborhood and encourage sex-industry businesses to move in. And she has evidence:

An event company has a bachelor party package offering groups hotel rooms in Nottingham to see "the world-famous Hooters girls," followed by VIP entry to a lap-dancing club.


Although there are Hooters restaurants in 39 US states, Asia, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico and Puerto Rico, there's something about Great Britain that seems different. It's the home of the Queen, of Shakespeare and Clive Owen! Yes, it also produced the trainwreck known as Jordan, but at least the US can't be blamed. One can only hope that the Brits realize for many Americans, it is deeply embarrassing that their country will be infested with scantily clad women holding Buffalo wings.


As for Julie Bindel's trip to the Nottingham Hooters, she found her waitress complained of an issue that knows no boundaries or borders: "Most men comment on the 'lovely jugs' when I carry pitchers to their tables," she says. "I just wish they would come up with something original."

'It's More Like A Strip Club Than A Restaurant' [Guardian]

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Mama Penguino

@crescentia07: Thank you for my first audible laugh of the afternoon! Johnsons! Love it. I must say, I really do think Hooters is more "dangerous" than a 25 cent sticky video booth in a porno shop. Families get sucked into Hooters thinking it's benign and chortle about the racy jokes (but at least they're pretty clean jokes! It's not smut! har har! says the guy in the poly pants defending the place), but it's insidious. I'd rather find Juggs magazine under the mattress than Playboy. At least it's honest and usually not airbrushed...okay, my brother had a copy when I was growing up and it was awful, but STILL.