The Tennessee Republican Party made a kinda scrappy YouTube video repeatedly juxtaposing Michelle Obama's thing about how she's proud of her country "for the first time in my adult life" with the musings of average Tennesseans about individual moments during which they've been proud of the country. Most of the events โ€” the drafting of the Bill of Rights, for instance โ€” didn't actually happen during Michelle Obama's adult life, but it's kind of a low blow anyway, so the campaign is mad, but the thing is I can't even get it up to be mad. I mean, the Vanderbilt guy seems like a douche, but whatever; as shameless attack ads go it's kind of...well, watch it. Also, click the pic for another picture of Michelle. And tell me those aren't the arms of a fucking patriot. Pinkos don't have arms like that, take it from me.