The words of a First Daughter โ€” or rightful First Daughter โ€” sure are a tricky thing to parse! But we can't help but be fascinated by contradictions in the public, and "public" statements from the ladyspawns of the winners, and "winners" of the 2000 election. While Kristin Gore just vociferously dismissed notions of her "recovering politician" dad joining the presidential race to New York Times and Jenna was overheard saying she'd be happy to watch her dad continue undermining democracy "for life", new books out from both blondes tell shockingly different stories! As we briefly noted yesterday, Jenna's Ana's Story, the novelized account of an AIDS-infected orphaned single mom, boasts an extensive sex education appendix that sort of craps all over such tenets of her father's political platform as "abstinence education." And now comes word that Sammy's House, Kristin's new work of chick lit, is also not without its subtext!

Perhaps two-thirds of Gore's story is high-grade chick-lit... The rest can only be read as an angry, down-and-dirty roman a clef...For Al Gore's daughter to remind us of the former president's failings (and of her father's virtues) in this very public manner, at a time when Al Gore may still seek his party's presidential nomination, and Clinton's wife might be his rival, leaves us wondering if her excursion into recent history can be entirely innocent of political intent.

Well wonder no more! Taken together, the spawn of the two sides of the most idiotic Supreme Court decision of our time are telling us something: America, you voted for him once, how much is it to ask for you to just motherfucking do it again?! You Can Call Him Al [Washington Post]