Last night in London ELLE UK hosted the ELLE Style Awards and you'd think that the people who turned up would be, you know, well dressed! But you'd have thought wrong. KT Tunstall, for example, seemed to mistake the event for a belated Halloween party and came clad as a sparkly bumblebee. Keira Knightley, also getting into the All Hallow's Eve spirit, came as a ghostly goth girl. And someone needs to stage an intervention with model (H)Agyness Deyn, who came in the best/awful 80's costume I've ever seen. Oh, and then there was Stella McCartney, featured at left with Kate Hudson (whose dress lost all shape once she removed the jacket), who I officially double-dare to turn up somewhere and not look totally fucking miserable. Smile, Stella. Please. The full good, bad, and ugly, after the jump.

The Good:

Kimberley Stewart is shockingly ,the only one who got the memo about keeping things classy.

God bless Kylie Minogue: The woman only gets better with age.


Naomi Harris looks gorgeous and glowing in orange. Love orange.

Also nom nom James McAvoy!

The Bad:


Another day, another opinion: This morning I feel totally over Lily Allen's dopey florals.

Kelly Brook is dressed for the prom?


I really want to like Kate Hudson's dress. But I can't.

The Ugly:


Hey look! It's the girl from the Blind Melon music video!

Hey look! It's Janice from Mean Girls!


Just horrible, Hagyness.

[All photos via Bauer-Griffin.]