The street value for 100 ounces of breast milk is $200, according to this chick in Cedar Rapids, IA who has placed an ad in her local paper trying to sell her baby's leftovers. The 22-year-old woman said that her infant daughter doesn't like drinking from a bottle and that she didn't want to waste all the milk that she'd pumped already. No one has answered the ad, other than one prank phone call, and we're not surprised. To put 100 ounces in a perspective we can wrap our hungover minds around, that's two 40s and a tallboy. We have no idea how many meals that is for a baby, and actually, we don't care to find out any time soon. [CBS News]


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Jenna Sauers

My reaction was "Go to the Mother's Milk Bank at the University of Iowa! Because that place is awesome!"


Good to know she's already donating to it. Milk banks have pretty stringent screening requirements, so I'm not surprised milk she pumped before joining the bank can't be used.