The Steve Wilkos Show Publicly Shames Mother Of 8 Year Old Assault Victim

I caught The Steve Wilkos Show for the first time on Friday, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Wilkos is the guy who used to be the director of security on The Jerry Springer Show, and he would sometimes fill in for Jerry when he was on vacation. Apparently the format of Steve's talk show is that he invites on people he finds despicable (drug users, abusers, neglectful parents, prostitutes) and then taunts and rails against them for an hour. He also throws a lot of chairs around. Friday's show was called "Mommy, I Keep Getting Raped," and the guest was a woman whose 8-year-old daughter was raped by 7 different men — all friends of the woman — starting at the age of two. Clip above.


zap rowsdower

I saw this. I've seen some of his other shows as well. I dunno, I don't really understand the point of his show. He just brings these awful people on the show and screams at them. He doesn't really help the people that were hurt in the situation at all.