The stereotype of a bodyguard as a huge manwith dark glasses isn't accurate anymore, as more celebrities are turning to less-hefty female bodyguards for protection. "Bodyguarding is far more about brain than brawn," says Laura Webb, 34, who runs an agency specializing in female bodyguards. Jacquie Davis and Helen Cliffe, security experts who have worked for clients like Benazir Bhutto and J.K. Rowling. "It's the same thing every year: you have to be vetted by a guy from the Saudi embassy saying, 'Oh, my God, you are a woman!' At which point you have to throw one of his blokes on the floor and stamp on his windpipe to prove you can do the job," says Davis. The women agree that bodyguarding is one of the most "female unfriendly" professions imaginable. "It's far more stressful than being shot at, sorting out the childcare," says Cliffe, who is the single mother of a 10-year-old boy. [The Telegraph]