As previously discussed, seventeen-year-old Valdosta University freshman Jasmine Benjamin was found dead last week. Now Benjamin's mother, Judith Brogdon, and stepfather, James Jackson, have hired a lawyer and a private investigator. Jasmine's body was found in her dorm's common study area, but police officials claim Jasmine had already been dead for 12 hours, and that the body might have been moved. The police department is treating the case as a homicide. Although Jasmine's parents sadly found out she'd passed away when they saw it posted on Facebook, social media might be of assistance in this tragic mystery:

"We have started an investigation where we are finding anything on social media, and that's where we need your help. Where any of her friends and family on social media that might want to come forward on any of the accounts meaning Twitter, Instagram and Facebook," said private investigator Robin Martinelli.

The fact that Jasmine's parents found out she'd died via Facebook made headlines. Will Facebook also help solve Jasmine's murder?

[The Grio]

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