The Spokesman Who Asked Facebook Supporters to 'Throw Acid' on Lady Senators Has Resigned

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Maybe Jay Townsend, campaign spokesman for Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-N.Y.), should have taken a quick, relaxing walk around the block before writing a Facebook comment that asked supporters to "hurl some acid at those female democratic Senators who won't abide the mandates they want to impose on the private sector." Or squeezed a stress ball or two. Or, you know, stepped out for a quick lobotomy?


But he did not do any of those things, so now he has to make himself scarce. "Jay Townsend has offered, and I have accepted, his resignation from his position with my campaign," reads an online statement from Hayworth's campaign. "Now let's return to talking about issues that really matter to families: job creation, spending restraint and economic development." Yes, and let's try not to throw "acid" into the conversation, shall we?


Here's Townsend's own apology, posted on his personal Facebook page on Sunday:

On May 26, I posted a stupid, thoughtless, and insensitive comment on a facebook page. It was stupid because my words were easily misconstrued; thoughtless because my choice of words obscured a point I was trying to make, and insensitive because some have interpreted the comment as advocating a violent act.

To friends, associates, and clients I have offered my apology for the embarrassment I have caused, and do hereby offer it to the many who rightly found fault with my incendiary choice of words.

The mistake was mine, and mine only and the post in no way was intended to represent the views of anyone for whom I have worked or represented.

It's so weird how people misconstrued his diatribe! I mean, I often tell my coworkers I'm going to "throw acid" on them. It's a colloquialism!

Jay Townsend, GOP Spokesman, Loses Job Over Controversial Facebook Comment [HuffPo]

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don juans reckless daughter

Ohhhhh we only INTERPRETED "hurling acid at female Democratic senators" as advocating a violent act. I get it now. Silly women not understanding metaphors.

Thanks for clearing that up assface.