The Spice Girls Performed Onstage Together and the Universe Didn't Implode

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Well, the Olympics are over and now all that's standing between you and another bittersweet Labor Day weekend is "Shark Week," and maybe a few hurricane scares along the Gulf Coast. Since "Shark Week" will be the same thing every year until James Cameron finally send his submersible deep into the Mariana Trench to accidentally awaken Megalodon, there's really no reason into deluding yourself that summer isn't already over. At least you (maybe) watched the Spice Girls ride onto a giant stage in their own personalized Mini Coopers and remember a simpler time long ago when the end of summer merely meant returning to school and seeing all the little marks of maturity that summer left on your classmates.

See the Spice Girls' Gaudy Performance [Buzzfeed]

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My universe imploded!

I was the hugest Spice Girls fan back in the day. Saw the movie (which everyone should re-watch immediately because it's amazing) opening day and everything. I'm still kicking myself for not seeing the reunion tour a few years ago. So it was amazing getting to see them together again tonight. They even sang live! Well accept for Posh. But she never sang anyway.

Oh, and Jessie J was fucking incredible. I need to get some of her stuff because she's ridiculously talented and beautiful.