The Spice Girls May Reunite at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

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Oh, my God, you guys. The world is definitely ending in 2012. Or at least I hope it does because nothing will ever make you feel as good as the news I'm about to tell you so what's the point. Ready? The Spice Girls reunion is definitely in the works. Yes, there were whispers about this before — there was even a rumor that they were going to perform in the opening ceremony for the the summer Olympics in London (an acappella version of "2 Become 1" would be the only way to top China's 2008 showstopper), but so far there's been no affirmation from the powers that be. Now, however, we've got confirmation straight from the horse's mouth (the horse in this case is Scary Spice). Mel B recently let it slip that everyone's favorite '90s girl group will be coming together for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, which is a big ol' party to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's ascension to the throne. The only way this news could get better is if we learn that Sporty, Baby, Ginger, Scary and Posh are performing at the Queen's personal request and they all roll up together in a Union Jack tour bus.


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Kat Callahan

If the Queen wants one to perform, she has to get with the performer's friends.