Elisabeth Hasselbeck came back from her maternity leave to rejoin the other ladies of The View today, and she brought her new baby Taylor Thomas Hasselbeck, whom we can't help but want to rename Jonathan Taylor Thomas Hasselbeck. Anyway, the baby is cute and all, but he'll probably grow up to be pro-life or something. (Although Jennifer is hoping he actually grows up to be gay. That would be kind of perfect, right? There's some "intelligent design"for you. You know, certainly not as a punishment, but as a way of God, baby Jesus and the Spook to teach some understanding to someone who seems completely incapable of stepping outside her socio-economic circumstances for one moment to try and understand that other people live their lives differently.) Anyway, in addition to showing off her son, Elisabeth also talked about how the lack of WMDs in Iraq is not an important issue anymore. We're so glad to have her back!