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The South Carolina Senate has voted to remove the Confederate flag from the Capitol grounds. The New York Times reports that the vote was 37-3. The Senate still has one more procedural vote to ratify the bill. The House will also have to vote in a two-thirds majority to remove the flag.

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I don’t care if this seems to be the case of everyone grasping their political-corporate career flotation devices. Sometimes the right thing occurs under less than noble intentions. But, who am I to judge these men and women who voted 37-3? Perhaps they were just as sickened and revulsed as the rest of the country and they took long, genuine introspection and decided it was time to take the flag down. I’m sure this was the case with many of them, and for that, bless them for having the courage to change. Bottom line, it’s down. 37-3. Should have never been up in the first place. It’s a flag that represents treason and the right to treat human beings as pieces of property. It represents only that. Fuck the rest of that “heritage” noise. Let’s get on with being Americans.