The Sound Of Silence

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It's been a while since we heard from Samantha Power, erstwhile Obama advisor ousted from his campaign for calling Hillary Clinton a "monster." Well, Esquire got her to participate in their "Portrait of the 21st Century" project, in which it creates artsy video portraits. Power's portrait is about her work against genocide. It's completely silent, though, perhaps because genocide is a silent killer or something? We also found it ironic that a woman whose reputation is now cemented as someone who can't quite keep her mouth shut when it's appropriate is the subject of a 5 minute, completely silent video (which is after the jump). [Esquire] Click to view

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She also has a sad and poignant editorial in the New York Times today about the increasing number of humanitarian workers being deliberately targeted and killed in conflicts.

She writes:

"Already, many United Nations agencies and nongovernmental organizations have rightly started to "nationalize" their foreign field operations by sending conspicuous Westerners home. More than 75 percent of United Nations personnel around the world are local nationals, and on the eve of last week's attack on the International Rescue Committee, all but 10 members of the organization's staff of nearly 600 in Afghanistan were Afghans.

While this is a positive trend, 80 percent of United Nations civilians killed in the last 15 years have been local staff. Their welfare must generate the same urgent debate over security trade-offs as that of their international colleagues. "