The Sordid Song Of Sherry Johnston

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More details are emerging about Sherry Johnston, the grandmother of Bristol Palin's baby on the way, and her drug arrest for felony charges relating to OxyContin sales.


Sherry's run-in with the law began a few weeks after Sarah Palin — and by association, Sherry's son Levi — hit the national stage. She used the word "coffee" as code for Oxy, and according to the AP:

[In September authorities] intercepted a package containing 179 Oxycontin pills. That led to the arrest of the suspects, who agreed to be informants. According to the affidavit, Johnson sent a text message to one informant on October 1, writing: "Hey, my phones are tapped and reporters and god knows who else is always following me and the family so no privacy. I will let u no when I can go for cof." Ten days after Johnston said there wasn't enough privacy for a drug sale, she texted again to set up a meeting at a store, according to the affidavit. The document says the informant received $800 to make a purchase, meeting investigators later with 10 pills of 80-milligram Oxycontin. A second purchase was made the following day, authorities said. This time the informant wore a hidden camera and a microphone. A third purchase occurred Nov. 26. The informant was wired for the transaction and this time police videotaped the meeting.

Sherry is currently out on bail. Bristol's child was due December 20th, and the press-loving Sarah Palin has been uncharacteristically quiet in the past week or so. It will be interesting to see how the saga of Sarah plays out in the coming months.

Arrest Details On Mom Of Bristol Palin Boyfriend [AP via MSNBC]

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Actually, I don't see the relevance!! Is Sarah Palin accused of buying or selling oxy? Is Levi accused of buying or selling these drugs? Then why drag their names through the mud this woman has made?