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The SockObama Might Die, But Racism Will Live 'Til November (At Least)

Illustration for article titled The SockObama Might Die, But Racism Will Live Til November (At Least)

TheSockObama Company, about whom we wrote last week, has run away with its tail between its legs. On its no-longer-fuctional website, the gentlemen who once wrote, "We wonder now if this might be a great opportunity to take this moment to really try and transcend still existing racial biases," when people complained that their ObamaMonkey might be ever-so-slightly offensive have issued an apology. It says, "We are very apologetic to all who were upset by our toy idea. We will not be proceeding with the manufacturing of this toy. Thank you." We're guessing that when they got that order for a full gross from Ron Edwards they might've finally gotten what the rest of us were saying. [The SockObama, Southern Poverty Law Center]


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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

@KittenFluff: They didn't say racism was wrong. They said they were apologizing if people were upset with their toy.

That's like when the douchehead you finally dump in favor of a real person embarrasses himself and you in front of your family and friends at some major reunion and says "I'm sorry that you're upset", NOT "I'm sorry that I was an a**hole."