The social media team at ABC has come up with a clever diversion to keep you occupied as you wait for the return of Scandal. Really running with the whole Carmen Sandiago look, you can play Where On Earth Is Olivia Pope by dragging a glass of red wine to a specific location on a map.

The game, which you can find on Scandal's Tumblr, is cute but quite anticlimactic. It doesn't reveal where Olivia is (obviously) and once you drag the glass, the game is done.

Dodai pointed out that there should be a way to waste more time playing the game for all the deprived Scandal fans who are counting down the days until the premiere. A girl can only buy so many white coats from The Limited. I suggested a dress up Olivia Pope game which I would play the shit out of. I give that idea freely to you, ABC. You have a week to get on it.