Friends, we are exactly two weeks away from the U.S. release of Victoria Beckham's guide to being Victoria Beckham, That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between. First off, is this not a supremely weird name for a book? And by "weird" we mean, doesn't "everything in between" and "extra half an inch" make you think of Hedwig and his angry inch? Is she a tranny? Because that would explain so much. In any case, the book has nothing to do with sex changes and everything to do with fashion advice. As has been said by many, many others, Posh is an interesting person to turn to for sartorial guidance. She does, after all, have the looks of an alien and the taste, it often seems, of a color-blind, coked out hooker. Additionally, there's the fact that "the London rumor mill has it that she's forced to buy clothes because designers won't lend her anything — in certain circles she's blamed for single-handedly bringing down the status of the Roberto Cavalli label."

So you can imagine our shock when The New York Post stated the following:

We checked out the original U.K. 300-page tome and were surprised to find it packed with truly smart and timeless tips for fabulous head-to-toe dressing and grooming. And while Beckham's advice may not bring out her own best side — she has a tendency to take things to extremes — we have a hunch her tips, in moderation, will work well for anyone who's ever wondered which foot is best put forward.

Whoa. Basically, Posh is like alcohol, drugs, ice cream and the music of the Spice Girls: Best in moderation, dangerous in excess.

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