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The Skin We're In

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A new survey commissioned by ZO Skin Health reports that 43% of women think about their skin "always or often," which is more often than they think about their relationship status. Translation: we're either sad sacks who fret about our love lives or vain creeps obsessed with looking young. [UPI]


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I spend a lot of time thinking about my skin for any of the following reasons:

It's incredibly dry.

It's very pale, therefore:

Breakouts are more noticeable

No concealers really work

Foundation never actually matches

Which makes me all the more concerned with how obvious the breakouts are

So I wash it very well to make sure it doesn't get more broken out

And regardless of moisturizing, it continues to be very dry.

At least Clinique helps me manage it. I look forward to that period of my life where I won't actually need to wear foundation because my skin will be clear.

So yes, I think about my skin. Rawr, etc. (okay tonightineed, chill now. >.>)