Meeting people can be so confusing in these modern times. Gone are the innocent days when a simple wedding band was enough to tell you a guy was off-limits. No, now you have to make a point of asking about someone's relationship status before picking them up at a club. Well, that is until some genius invented these delightful shoes for men that are plastered with the words "I'm Not Available."

What better way to tell someone you are not DTF than by putting it on your shoes? The best part is that these elegant velvet slip-ons, made by Arfango, are available from Barney's for just $249—that's down from the original price of $635. What a bargain! (I simply can't imagine why these beauts would have been marked down.) So, ladies, be warned. Next time you have your eye on a guy, instead of checking his ring finger or his Facebook page, you should now be down on all fours at the bar, attempting to read the fine print on his shoes.


[Via the.Life Files]