The Series Finale of Teen Mom Brings Absolutely No Closure Whatsoever

It was pretty obvious from last night's series finale of the hit MTV franchise Teen Mom that the network hadn't planned on ending the show after its fourth season, and were perhaps forced into the decision after cast member Amber Portwood's legal troubles halted production.


But in addition to Amber, the storylines of Catelynn, Maci, and Farrah were all left dangling, without any kind of epilogue or update as to what is happening in the girls' lives today, nearly a year after filming ended. And a lot has happened (more on that in a bit). If anything, last night's 90-minute finale felt like midseason filler, with most of the episode setting up some bigger plot developments that we'll never get to see play out. It's disappointing, since the audience has become invested in these people's lives, having watched their pregnancies; their labors and deliveries; their kids' first words, steps, and haircuts; family problems; relationship problems; legal battles, etc.

For instance, on the finale, Maci and Ryan were growing increasingly hostile toward each other, with Ryan's lawyer gearing up to take Maci to court to establish joint custody. We didn't get to see any resolution to that. And there were so many more questions: Will Farrah spend Christmas with her family? Will Butch and April get divorced? What will Catelynn major in when she starts college?

The biggest hole, though, was left in Gary and Amber's narrative, the filming of which was cut short—just when her story started to get really interesting—after Amber was arrested in December 2011 for drug possession. In the closing scenes of the show, she had signed over custody of her daughter Leah to her ex, Gary, in a move to get CPS to drop a no-contact order that the agency had established between her and her daughter's father. It was very clear in the episode that Amber, who had begun dating a new guy, was very unstable.

So where are they all now?

Amber is in prison, serving a five-year sentence after refusing to comply with a court-ordered rehab program. She's apparently happy there, according to OK magazine. However, despite calling her a "slut puppy" in last night's episode, Gary is still in her corner, and has petitioned President Barack Obama, via Twitter, for her release.


Maci broke up with Kyle and then started dating a different guy named Kyle but is now back with the original Kyle. She is hoping for a spinoff.

Catelynn lost some weight and got hair extensions. Unfortunately, her mother April sold a story to a tabloid, saying that Catelynn was pregnant. April had falsified medical records and pretended to be Catelynn when speaking on the phone with the magazine. But Catelynn and Tyler are still doing well. They've both just finished their first year at Baker College in Michigan where they are studying to become a pregnancy counselor and social worker for at-risk youth, respectively. They've set a wedding date for summer 2013.


Farrah is now a New York Times bestselling author and has launched a music career.



I have always been a huge fan of Tyler and Catelynn, because I actually think they seem to have good heads on their shoulders. That being sad, was anyone else REALLY disturbed by the way Tyler reacted when the dog pooped on the carpet? That would have been really scary to me (not to mention the poor dog) and Catelynn barely batted an eye. Hope he is able to get that in check.