The Seinfelds have had un petit tiff! Jessica, it seems, has other talents other than, um, steaming, pureeing, and self-promoting: She also can't stop talking. On Barbara Walters' Sirius radio show, Jessica admitted that she hated Jerry making Bee Movie because it meant too many hours away from her and the kids, and that it will be his last foray into feature film ever. All of this is unfortunate because Jerry apparently is in talks with several studios about several projects and had explicitly asked his wife to not discuss his career, ever, with the media. [Chicago Sun-Times]

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@JessicaLovejoy: word. i always wondered why they get pissy when the husbands aren't there for the kids. um, the husbands were married to their jobs before the wives came along so they could pay for the house, the cars, the summer homes, the flights, the nanny, the tutor, her grooming and upkeep...what the fuck did they expect?!

as for mrs. seinfeld, mr. seinfeld didn't get all that money by just doing stand up and the occasional tv gig, either. she's still sketchy and can't stop speaking. where's the duct tape?