The Secrets of the Secret Gays of the Vatican

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The new issue of Vanity Fair features a story called "The Secret Gay Life of the Vatican: Inside a Hidden Netherworld of the Catholic Church." While the full piece is not online, there's an excerpt on the VF website with two really great quotes.


Michael Joseph Gross writes that there are "codes and signals" for gay priests in the Vatican:

"Parties celebrating appointment to the Vatican and other high Church offices can be lavish … with many clerics in attendance being ‘gay men wearing everything handmade, perfect, queer as it comes,’” as a prominent figure in the Roman art world tells Gross.

I mean, I guess when you're tired of praying, stitching is a nice break? Those cardinals and bishops sure do have some luxe scarlet gold-threaded get-ups.

And this:

For clerics who break the vow of celibacy, gay saunas are good places to meet other gay priests and monks (though some gay celibate clerics use the saunas not for sex but to experience a sense of fellowship with others like themselves), according to Gross.


If a gay clergy member makes a connection, it’s possible to use your monastery cell for sexual assignations, as long as you don’t make much noise. “You can sneak people in, no problem,” one gay monk tells Gross, “but try to avoid consistent patterns of movement.”


[Vanity Fair]


Honestly, I'm not sure how this is news (As if shit like this hasn't been going down for close to 2000 years).

And quite frankly, as long as they are boning each other, rather than than the altar boys, I say good for them. It would be great if this could come out in the open. The Catholic church needs a serious update in it's views toward both homosexuality, and sexuality in general. Allowing priests to marry or have sex, not to mention be openly gay, would be a huge step forward.