Last night on WE, The Secret Lives of Women took a look at “mistresses,” from women having affairs with married men to a dominatrix named Christian. We were going to bring you a clip in which Christian and her client “Bert” explain why they don’t think what they do counts as cheating, but, to technical errors, the clip was unavailable. We did, however, stumble upon this video, which exposes WE’s nefarious editing techniques. In the show I watched last night, Christian explained that her behavior as a child foreshadowed her career because “at the age of five I was tying boys to trees in the backyard.” In the unedited clip above, we learn the real tip-off that little Christian would someday whip businessmen for a living. I don’t want to spoil it, but it involves dog tranquilizers, peeing in a hole... and a straw.


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