The Search for the Ugliest Wedding Dress Ever Created

Dearly beloved, wedding season is upon us. But while spring brings brides something old and something new, it also brings them incredibly hideous wedding gowns.

Your task: To find the worst.


Let's be clear: The dress should be irreversibly grotesque. These two I stumbled upon while trying to find something to wear to Our Overlord's impending nuptialsboth from — gifted me with this idea. Look at them: If bodily harm by boning isn't crime enough, there's also visual assault by iridescent ruffle. Tacky? By all means. Not good. Pretty bad. But I think we can do better, and by better, I mean worse.


One might attempt to propose that Mama June's camouflage gown — as seen on the popular American television program Here Comes Honey Boo Boo — is the ugliest. I would argue that while it is indeed displeasing to the eye, this dress falls under the category of kitsch. Its winking sense of humor — it is purposely putrid — keeps it from being truly, earnestly The Worst.

A Google search lead me to a Pinterest page called Hideous Wedding Dresses. Are the gowns horrible? Yes. Do I think they are the UGLIEST EVER? No.


So the search must continue.

Below, please submit photos of the ugliest wedding dresses you have ever seen.

Seek high and low, comb the dark depths of universe, Etsy and eBay. Do I believe that together, we can find the most stomach-churning, repugnant, grisly gown? I do! I now pronounce you arbiters of fug. You may dis the bride.


Images via Shutterstock, Splash.

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