The Sandwich Flavored Vodka You Didn't Ask For

If you've ever found yourself sipping a martini and thinking, "You know, I really wish this tasted more like the sandwich I used to eat for lunch every day in third grade," you're in luck. Enter PB & J Vodka, the newest creation from Van Gogh Vodka. Why did this need to be created? We may never know the answer, but it's here now so we might as well make the best of it. If you're wondering how exactly one translates the creamy goodness of peanut butter into the biting clarity of a vodka, this mishmash of descriptors may or may not shed some light:

While the fragrance is predominately of peanuts, it is complimented by the fresh fruit aroma of the raspberry. On the tongue, the roles are reversed and the raspberry flavor is more of the focal point, giving it a velvety texture with a hint of vanilla on the side.


Intriguing, but no one will blame you if you want to hold out until they release a Turkey Club Vodka.

Van Gogh Debuts PB&J Vodka [BarBiz Mag via MSNBC]

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